Buying a home is a big investment, commitment & decision. Realty Group can help make this process easy by providing you information and assistance every step of the way.

  1. Financing – Getting approved for a mortgage is the most important 1st step. Pick a lender that is trusted or has been referred to you. Talk to the lender about different loan programs that are right for you and the resources you have available. Having your credit pulled and underwritten help to ensure that there are no surprises or hiccups during the home buying process. Nothing can be more devastating than finding the perfect home only to find out that financing is not available.
  2. Times are always Changing – When you let your friends and family know the exciting news about your desire to own your own home, keep in mind times change. What may have been customary 10 years ago may not be true today. What one person chooses to buy is different from what others Lifestyle dreams are
  3. Consider what you can afford – When purchasing a home make sure the payments are not going to impact your quality of life or social calendar too much. You do not want to be house poor. Base your budget on what you can afford.
  4. Visit a home a few times – Rainy days are great days to search for a home or take a second look at a home. This gives you a good idea of natural lighting & the possibility of leaky roofs, windows, or basements. Sunny days are just as important to see landscaping, gardens, and natural light sources.
  5. Take a walk – The best way to get a feel of your new neighborhood is to take a walk. If you have a dog or kids take them with, it is a great way to get an idea of who your neighbors are. Visit a park in the neighborhood and talk to residents about the schools or local activities in the area.
  6. Inspection – It is very important to have a home inspected before buying a home. Getting an independent person’s opinion can save you thousands in the future & possible buying an unsuspected money pit. Renovation and repairs can be costly & are not always easy.
  7. Taxes, Association, Insurance Payments – Look into the monthly & annual cost of taxes, association payments, utilities, insurance, and any special assessments in the area. It is important to consider these additional expenses. Call the utility companies for a monthly average. Call city hall & inquire about and special assessment or tax increases. Make sure the condo building or townhouse is being maintained to your liking.
  8. Future Return – Think about the future return on a home. Make sure you are investing in a thriving neighborhood & community. Schools & transportation are key components of a neighborhood.
  9. Outside of a Home – Take a good look at the outside of the house. Is the roof in good shape? Does the backyard drain properly or is it a soggy mess? Is the condo or association building in good shape? Is there a lot of yard or garden maintenance?
  10. Additional expenses to close – Make sure you are considering additional expenses need to close on your home. These fees are appraisal fees, property tax escrow, property insurance, service charge fees, legal fees, moving expenses, title fees, survey fees, association move in fees, or well inspection fees.